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Get the attention you need with animation. Our animators create visually pleasing, smooth, and high-quality videos for games, social media, websites, software, and a lot more. In the digital realm, videos have taken over the rule. Small snippets gain loads of attention. People love to see animated characters moving over their screens. From 3-second shorts to an entire series we deliver what works best for your business. Demonstrate your services, sell your product, or give a free demo, almost everything is possible with animation.

Animation tends to hook the audience more than real human faces at some times. So, it is better to be on the front foot all the time. Adjust a balance between your real and virtual videos and for the animation part, contact the best animators at Nova Design Agency.

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At Nova Design Agency we offer multiple types of animation. From 2D animation to whiteboard animation, we can handle all of them. Let’s understand what these types are all about.

Since the animation production process is longer than other techniques, it requires a professional team. Nova Design Agency provides professional service to its customers with its team of experienced screenwriters, illustrators, art directors and animation artists. It is essential for us to understand the brand, analyze the target audience well and focus on the purpose for this professional service to come to life.

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At Nova Design Agency we offer multiple types of animation. From 2D animation to whiteboard animation, we can handle all of them. Let’s understand what these types are all about.


    Creating life-like illusions using two-dimensional spaces is referred to as 2D animation. 2D animation is sometimes called “Traditional Animation”. 2D animation includes characters, creatures, FX, and background.
    2D animation is created when frames are placed over time. Around 24 frames in a second create life-like motion. Depending on your design, there can be as many unique drawings as 24 to 2 frames in a second.
    Over the past decade, 2D animation has started to gain an audience more than ever. With TV shows, advertisements, video games, and series using 2D animation, it can be said that 2D animation might be the best pick if you are trying to target a wider audience.
    As 2D animation is picking again, many marketers, video games and, businesses have started to include 2D animation in their projects. Want 2D animation carved beautifully at an amazing cost? Try contacting Nova Design Agency today!


    Every successful marketing stunt now includes whiteboard animation. Why so? Because as simple as it is, it engages a lot of people and persuades them to take action. This decade is the decade of video animation, as videos have taken over the digital kingdom. People are addicted to videos of all sorts, this is the best time to make your place through video marketing or primarily whiteboard animation.
    Whiteboard animation shows the viewer some drawings being drawn, these drawings are nothing but static images. A narrator narrates the story shown in these images. It seems very outdated yet it is very fruitful for businesses.
    At Nova Design Agency, we have seen businesses growing rapidly once they started using video animation as a marketing tool. Whiteboard animation has some influence over the audience, it makes them listen keenly to what you want to say. Try whiteboard animation for your business now!


    Stop motion animation is similar to 2D as it uses one frame at a time idea but here’s the tweak it uses real-time objects. Stop motion animation is taking images of objects in a specific manner that on playback the image show motion illusion.
    Stop motion animation might be the one your business is looking for? Contact our techmates and see what they have to say? Because at Nova Design Agency your business is what truly matters.


    Each one of us is familiar with 3D animation, the cartoon we used to enjoy in our childhood, the video games children play today, advertisements, and almost every other marketing project involving 3D animation.
    3D animation is the process in which an animator brings a drawing or a character to virtual life and sets it in a digital environment. 3D animation is carried out in three simple stages,
    ● Modeling
    ● Layout and animation
    ● Rendering
    In the first step, modeling the characters are formed. This can be done either by modeling tools or scanning real-life things on a computer.
    The next step is the layout, and animation, in this step animators like the real world set up the stage. The set is prepared, on completion of the set objects and characters are placed. And, by keyframing, the characters are put into motion.
    The final step, rendering here the scene is generated and how? Leave it to our experts. Do you want to animate your latest marketing campaign? Or do you want us to come up with an idea for your ad campaign? No worries just png us and we’ll dump all our creative ideas. If you are a video game developer, then we are the best choice animators for your game. Contact Nova Design Agency now!!

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